How To Fix Xbox Error 0x87de0017; Xbox Servers Down, Why?

Xbox error 0x87dd0006, 0x87dd000f, 0x87dd0017, & 0x91d70000; Xbox servers down, Xbox Server outage: There are many Xbox One users who have encountered error 0x87de0017 while trying to download new games on their Xbox One consoles. This is said to be a serious concern as many of the users say that this error code affects all downloads, and not only just certain game titles.

In the meantime, one of the first steps, in order to find a solution to this issue, is mainly to know the cause. So, what may possibly be the cause of error 0x87de0017? The answer would be several factors and these might be causing the Xbox One error code 0x87de001. Xbox error 0x87e00005. 


Xbox Servers Down?

Some of the factors that you must know are as follows:

Cause Number 1: Xbox Live Services might be down

This has also happened in the past when the servers of Microsoft were hit by DDoS attacks. If this ever happens, you can’t do whatsoever but to wait patiently for Microsoft to fix the problem. In the meantime, you must also keep checking the status page of the Xbox Live page from time to time.

Cause Number 2: Game Update Bugs

There are many users that have encountered this error especially after downloading the game updates manually by going to the My Game and App section, in that way forcing the update to download.

Cause Number 3: Other Game Bugs

This is the most common kind of error takes usually take place with updates from physical games that is when a game disk is inserted in the Xbox console. Whenever you fall into this kind of situation, the fastest solution is to uninstall the game as well as to perform a hard reset.

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Therefore, you must carefully scroll through this guide and follow the steps as well as get rid of this error once and for all.

How to fix Xbox One error 0x87de0017

First Solution:

The first and the most best solution is to check the status of Xbox Live Services. You have to make sure this issue is not further than your control. If in any case, you notice any problems with their services, just wait patiently for some hours, then you must try to download the problematic game or game update again.

If this is not enough and you still discover something wrong with your services then move on to the next solution.

Second Solution:

Fix Xbox Error 0x87de0017

The second solution would be downloading the game again. A temporary issue with your DNS may possibly be the cause of you getting the Xbox One error code 0x87de001. If this situation arises you just have to download the content again.

Third Solution:

The third solution is to uninstall the game and hard reset the console and for this, you have to follow these simple steps which are as follows:

Fix Xbox Error 0x87de0017

  • At first, go to your game queue and cancel any installation or updates, if there are any.
  • Now, navigate to the Game menu and then select the game and click on uninstall. You have to make sure that this is done after you cancelled the update otherwise this solution will not work accordingly.
  • After that, you have to go to the Setting > Network and click on the Network settings and click on Disconnect wireless.
  • Bring out the disk, if you are facing the issue with a physical game
  • Make a hard reset by just pressing down the power button for a few seconds.
  • Now you just have to put on the Xbox console again, slot in the disk as well as to allow the game to copy fully.
  • Enable the internet connection again.
  • Once the internet connection is activated, try to install the earlier pending updates or else just download the problematic games again.