Snapchat Is Not Working? Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps; How to Fix?

Snapchat is not working? Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps; How to Fix: Are you using Snapchat? Are you having an error while sending or receiving messages on Snapchat? We are going to resolve the issue if you are having any kind of issue while using this social networking app. You all might be worried because Snapchat is not working or Snapchat won’t load snaps, right? We have a solution for all the queries you have and we are going to help you in this matter. First of all, you all should know that we are only here to provide a working solution.

A lot of users are facing a problem where they aren’t able to send messages but they are able to send pictures. If you are having this kind of issue then don’t worry we have a working solution for you guys. You all must know that Snapchat is one of the most popular image messaging apps around the globe. There are millions of active users of Snapchat available and they loved to use this app. We are pretty sure that you all are going to love this app and the content is really very solid on it.


Snapchat is Not Working?

Snapchat Is Not Working

You all should know that Snapchat was very popular and different to use the app. The users are quite in love with the Snapchat. You all can check out the working solution of ‘Snapchat is not working’ and ‘Snapchat won’t load snaps’. You all should know that Snapchat users are complaining about some common issues like Snapchat Can’t Connect to Server, Not able to Refresh Snapchat, Snapchat won’t load snaps or stories and some more are there.

We are expecting the solution of Snapchat is going to help you a lot. Here, we are going to help with the problem if you want to know “How to Fix Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps”. We can provide you with the fix and we are pretty sure that you all are going to love it. We have noticed that a lot of users in various areas are going through various Snapchat errors.

Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps?

How to Fix Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps or Stories. If you are seeking for the solution then you must match the problem, a lot of users are saying that they are having a problem while loading the snaps or stories and an only black screen is coming. There is no error message or any warning just a black screen. Also, we have found out that some users are won’t able to load snaps from specific users.

Snapchat Is Not Working

How to fix Snapchat won’t load error-

We are going to give you the working solution down here. You all should know that no matter what the issue is common in between a lot of people across all the platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Snapchat is not working and Snapchat is showing error. You can follow the article to fix Snapchat won’t load snaps. This app is going to work out for everyone and we are pretty sure that you all are going to love it.

Step 1: You must restart your device

First of all, you need to do some basic before blaming the app for not working. Yes! You must check out that Snapchat isn’t working may be because of your device or Internet connection. You should fix the Internet if this is the problem or after that, you need to restart the mobile device to check if this fixes the issue. So, if a normal restart is not able to fix the loading issue, try to give a hard restart.

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Now, a lot of users can do the hard restart by holding the Power Button and Volume Down button together until you see the next screen. After that, you can easily follow the prompts and restart your device. We are expecting that Snapchat is not working problem will be solved by this. If you are an iPhone Users then press and release Volume up Button, Press and Release Volume down Button and then Press Power Button until you see Apple Logo.

Step 2: Clear Cache & Data of App

Sometimes it is an error of cache, in this case, you can clean your mobile or you should clean your cache & cookies. Now, if you want to clear data then you can simply delete the history or download any app which cleans your cache and cookies. This method might work out for you but it isn’t then you should proceed for the 3rd step.

Step 3: Clear Conversation

We think that if you won’t be able to load snaps from some specific user, then try clearing the conversation. Sometimes this method works out for the various users. You can simply clear conversation and for that, you need to Go to Snapchat >> Settings >> Account Actions>> Clear Conversation. By following this simple method you can easily clean your app and we are pretty sure that it will work out for you.

Step 4: ReAdd a friend

We have seen that Readding a friend works out for many users. So, you can remove and add that friend again to fix this. All you need to do is go to Snapchat >> Add Friends >> My Friends and Remove the friend whom snaps are not loading. After that, you need to close the app and then reopen it and add that particular friend again. We are expecting that it will work out for you for sure. You all should know that same as clearing conversation it will remove all the snaps sent and received from the friend.

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Bottom Lines

In the end, you all should know that sometimes Snapchat doesn’t work because of the technical issues. We are expecting that the users are going to find out the reason on the official Twitter account of Snapchat if they are having any kind of problem. We are expecting that the users are going to find out the solution after a while if that’s the case because they will solve it on Twitter. It is easy to find a solution for Snapchat is not a working solution.