MyPrepaidBalance: Login To Check Balance At

MyPrepaidBalance lets users access their card anytime and anywhere, with the help of using the MyPrepaid Balance website. When you visit the website you can have access to any information regarding your balance and other suitable information Sometimes people find it very difficult to find a way to verify the prepaid card balance. Therefore, the MyPrepaidBalance is helpful for checking charge or prepaid card balance. Peruse the guidelines here to discover how to check your prepaid card balance on the web.

MetaBank® is an affirmed savings bank situated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is claimed by Meta Financial Group, Inc.®, the holding organization of MetaBank: AFS/IBEX Insurance. Meta-Bank has gotten one of Canada’s driving network and joint endeavour organizations and one of the biggest medium-sized banks in the nation. In spite of the fact that the reaction from the users is amazing from the United States, clients are forever our top priority.


About MyPrepaidBalance

MyPrepaidBalance is the web portal that helps people to access and Manage their Prepaid Cards. For this users need to MyPrepaidBalance Account Login to check their Balance. By getting access to the MyPrepaidBalance Account users are able to check the myprepaidbalance Account balance and carry out transactions effortlessly. You can enjoy the benefits of MyPrepaidBalance by creating an account by visiting

MyPrepaidBalance Login

MyPrepaidBalance Login Portal is Helpful to Access Your Card anytime, anywhere using the official web portal. If You want to Check Your Balance or other Information then You have a great option in the form of MyPrepaidBalance is Useful for verifying Debit or Prepaid Gift Cards. Myprepaidbalance Login Portal Help You Access all Your Card in one Place. You are able to Check Your Card Transactions with Ease from MyPrepaidBalance Official Web Portal. Meta-Bank is one of Canada’s Leading Community and Joint Venture Companies and one of the Largest Medium-Sized Bank in the Country. If You always travel or do Business Abroad, then Prepaid Gift Cards can Give You Better Exchange Rates and are Globally Recognized.

Benefits of MyPrepaidBalance

after the successful Myprepaidbalance Registration, users are able to access its features and have its benefits. Here we have listed a few Benefits of having a Myprepaidbalance Online Account:

  1. Users are able to check Account Balances, Transactions Details, and Deposits online. After you register or add several Prepaid Cards, there is no need to write the number of each card every time you want to log in.
  2. It provides you with the simplicity to monitor real-time card details. Every card has its own spending limit depending on the sum the bank approved for every card.
  3. Your Prepaid Card is usually Accepted in the United States. You are able to utilize it to make a Payment at a Retail Store, Restaurants, Gas Stations, & Other Services. You can also use your card for online & phone transactions.
  4. You can check the Shopping and Buying history & Get Access to pending and posted transactions. Several more details are associated with the card limit, payments, due dates, or remaining charges, and more.
  5. You are able to Set up the direct deposit & use it for a free transaction. You can also reload with its online deposit in an immediate or add funds on the go with the mobile app.
  6. If you are out on to journey or do shopping in other nations, you can use your card globally. It is accepted by merchants globally.
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Procedure to Check Balance in MyPrepaidBalance Card

It is very simple to check your card balance, follow the below-given steps and after that users can easily check how much balance is there in MyPrepaidBalance Card.

STEP-I: First, visit the official website at

STEP-II: Now enter your card details:

  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • CSC Code

STEP-III: Click on the “Go” option.

MyPrepaidBalance Login Process:

You will need to have a username and password ready if you instantly want access to your MyPrepaidBalance account. 

follow the given steps here:

  • Visit the official website by clicking on the link:
  • Now enter your username and password
  • Click on the “Go” Option.
  • Use the above-given steps users can easily log in to their account. Users can also recover the password easily without any issues.

MyPrepaidBalance: Login To Check Balance At

Myprepaidbalance Account Registration Process:

To log in to your account easily just follow the given steps:

  • With your Internet browser visit the official website
  • You will be directed to the main page, on the right, you have a login option. Click here to switch to the new page and register.
  • On the new page enter your email address and password, then click “Go” to reach your account and open it.
  • If you are a new user to this website and want to register, click on the Create Account option at the top and continue with the registration process.
  • On the next new page, first, enter your email id as a username and create a verified password, 
  • next, choose any two security questions by yourself and their suitable answers, then click on the “Next” button.
  • On the next page, you must follow the following two steps: “Add your card” and “Confirm information”. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the registration process.
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Reset Password of MyPrepaidBalance

If a user has forgotten their Myprepaidbalance Account Password, then they are able to recover it through the login page of the My Prepaid Balance web portal. We can help you recovering/resetting your password follow the steps below

  • Visit the login page of my prepaid balance & scroll down.
  • Now here You are able to check the “Retrieve a password” option is situated at the bottom of the login page.
  • Now Click the link and then you will be sent to the “I forgot my password” section. Here you need to provide your email address associated with your account & click on the blue “Reset Password” button.
  • You will get a new password through email. You can now come back to the login page & have access to your prepaid account.

After finishing the steps mentioned above, you can reset your password.

Advantages of My Prepaid Balance Website: 

Include different cards:

Add various cards by simply some basic steps to one account for more than one client. 

View exchange history:

Keep an eye on your past buys, hence shielding your significant money related data from unapproved use. 

Make an immediate deposit:

Your cash will be moved straightforwardly to your account. The direct deposit is free of cost and fast. 

Send your card:

Add cash to your cell phone without any hassle 

Maintain your account:

Configure your record data through your program or portable application. 

Extra MyPrepaidBalance Account benefits: 

Include another card: Simply add another card safely to a multi-client account 

View transaction account:

Shows a summary of past purchases. Helpful for overseeing savings or securing against unapproved uses. 

Check balance:

Shows the present balance of each card. 

Set up an immediate deposit:

Pay a check, and the government checks legitimately to your account at no extra expense. 

Update the card:

Add more cash to your card from an unapproved source. 

Oversee account:

Update personal data. For instance, your location or an email. 

Card Cancellation:

If your card is lost, taken, or never again required, it can be cancelled or deactivated to maintain the balance.

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Will your credit score get affected because of your prepaid card?

Nowadays many people use prepaid debit cards. The cards are very helpful and simple to manage. Unlike credit cards, the debit card keeps the debts away from the users. But still, cardholders worry that the use of prepaid cards might affect their credit scores. It’s actually just a misconception that it might make you poor.

For what reason do you need MyPrepaidBalance Account? 

Having a My Prepaid Balance account has numerous advantages. Initially, incorporate every one of your cards to your account and confirm the details quickly that you don’t need to enter your card number each time you visit. It likewise tracks your credits and charges. If you want the money sent directly into your account then you can request a purely electronic system. You can do it by depositing on the web or through your cell phone. Moreover, this assistance is accessible worldwide with the goal that it turns out to be simple for you to utilize this assistance anyplace on the earth.

Reload Prepaid Debit Cards with Direct Deposit 

Anybody with a low credit rating realizes that life can be extreme in the event that they don’t utilize digital payment, for example, credit cards. Credit cards provide many online purchases. But credit cars are the only option that is available in the city. In any case, charge cards are not by any means the only choices in the city. You can utilize all the elements of a Credit card without the related credit risks. You should simply move to a prepaid debit card! 

Why do MyPrepaidBalance?

You can use the following online features With the online account:

Maintain your direct deposit

Transaction history like purchases and balances can be checked online.

Multiple cards can be added.

Reload your card anytime you want.

The Wrap Up

For any sort of client care help, dial 1-866-496-6183 or you can even write to MetaBank, Customer Service Representative, 5501 S Broadband Ln, Sioux Falls, SD, 57108. To check the total rundown of rates and limitations on the transaction, visit the site MyPrepaidBalance, and acknowledge “Terms and conditions” given at the lowermost side of the page.