MyPrepaidCenter: Login To Activate Card & Check Balance At

Digital payments have become the modern-day fashion and cards are one of the most important tools of digital payments. They have also simplified many other things like gifts. One can easily gift a gift card to his friends or family during birthdays or anniversary. There is no need to go to the mall and search for different products in order to give them. Hence, gift cards are the best option. MyPrepaidCenter is one such platform which helps the customers with their various digital card needs. Hence, we are going to explain the MyPrepaidCenter login procedure, the steps to activate MyPrepaidCenter card and MyPrepaidCenter card balance check.

What is MyPrepaidCenter?

MyPrepaidCenter is an online portal owned by myprepaidcenter company. This portal or website basically helps the customers to get their cards activated and also help them to check the visa card balance. It also allows you to check the MasterCard and the gift card balance. The company is involved in distributing cards to various banks and insurance companies. Besides, the company also sells cards directly to the customers. It is a very popular mode of gift and is also used by various people for recharge and different day to day shopping uses.

There is one thing and common for all the cards. The MyPrepaidCenter card has to be activated before it is ready to be used. Hence, we are not only going to guide you with the procedure of MyPrepaidCenter login but also so tell you the steps to activate the prepaid card. This portal also allows the customers to keep track of their spending and check their account balance at regular intervals. Customers can find all the details of their cards including transactions and dues. So if you have got a prepaid debit, credit or gift card, you must know the following procedures.

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Procedure to create an account on MyPrepaidCenter

Before getting started with any other thing, customers must get the account created on the online portal of my prepaid center. It will help you in managing all your debit as well as credit cards. Moreover, the customer’s bill is able to find all the transactions of their cards and will also be able to activate new cards. Hence, creating an account is very important in order to check balance or activate the card. Follow the simple steps given below in order to get your account created on the portal.

  • Go to the official website of MyPrepaidCenter
  • On the left-hand side top corner of the screen, you will find the option to register
  • Click on register now and enter your email address
  • Fill up the details
  • confirmation code will be sent to your email address and you need to enter the same and then click on submit
  • Your account will be created and now you can enjoy all the benefits and features of this portal. It includes checking of visa or MasterCard balance and activation of cards.

MyPrepaidCenter: Login To Activate Card & Check Balance At

MyPrepaidCenter Login Procedure

The customer must log in to his account in order to attach his card to the account. It is very important to get your card connected because you will be able to track all the transactions and the upcoming dues. Moreover, the portal also allows the customers to keep track of the debit or credit card balance and the limit which is still available in case of credit cards. So follow the simple steps given below and login to your account.

  • Go to the official website of the portal
  • On the left-hand side, top corner of the screen click on sign in
  • The sign-in page will open on your browser
  • Enter the username and password that you had set during registration
  • Click on sign in and the dashboard of your account will be opened.
  • Customers can now access all the features of their cards and also view the statements.
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Forgot Password?

It is very difficult to remember passwords of each and every website. There is a high probability that a customer might forget password if he didn’t log in to his portal for quite some time. MyPrepaidCenter allows the customers to reset the password easily. So have you forgotten your login password to the portal? Follow the simple steps and get your account re-established. Simply, go to the login page of the website and click on the forget password section. Enter the email address associated with your account and then confirm the code that has been sent on your I’d. In this way, customers can set up a new password.

MyPrepaidCenter Card Activation Procedure

Customers have to activate their card before they can use them for shopping or recharge. It is a simple procedure to connect it to your account. Follow the simple steps and get your card activated.

  • Log in to the portal using credentials that you have used while registration
  • Click on the activation button
  • Make sure that you have your debit or credit card with you
  • enter the card number and other details like expiry date
  • Click on the activation button and an email will be sent to your existing ID.
  • confirm the code and your card will be successfully activated.

MyPrepaidCenter Card Balance Check

The customers can keep track of the credit limit of their credit cards to check the balance of the master or visa prepaid card. It is a very simple procedure and it helps the users to keep track of their expenses and limits.

  • Login to the hotel using the card details for your username and password
  • Click on check balance
  • a confirmation email code will be sent to your registered ID
  • enter the code that you have received and the balance will be displayed.
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Final Words

MyPrepaidCenter is a great website that allows the customers to keep track of their expenses and also allows them to activate their cards. This post helps the customer in activating their visa or MasterCard successfully using the online portal. It next to the overall procedure of card activation and tracking very easily.

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