Eikaiwa Overview: All You Need To Know About The Popular English Learning Platform!

Eikaiwa is basically a type of institution that offers English education. These are mainly private language schools, which are occasionally called English conversation schools or ESL schools. This type of institution offers a great number of English teaching jobs that are held in Japan.

Even though the Japanese public education system orders that English to be taught as part of the prospectus from the fifth grade, the focus is generally on English grammar. Some of the students attend eikaiwa schools in order to supplement their school studies, for studying a second language, in order to improve their business skills, as a hobby, for helping to socialize, or to arrange for travel or marriage.

The size of EIKAIWA varies from one-owner/instructor schools to monster chain schools. It is projected to be a multi-trillion dollar industry, as well as part of the reason for such demand is that English teaching in the public school system in Japan usually emphasizes grammar over listening/speaking.

Many parents send their children to this institution hoping for improving their child’s hopes of higher education, or else for providing exposure to the methods as well as manners of people from other cultures.


Eikaiwa Students

As we all know that there is already a higher demand for learning English with young students, but at the same time, the need for adults as well as workers for improving their understanding is growing as well.

Eikaiwa Overview: All You Need To Know About The Popular English Learning Platform!

Teachers at Eikaiwa

Majorly, Native English speakers are always considered to be in high demand in Japan and eikaiwas are no different.  This demand, on the other hand, has made these training centers a popular ‘first job’ for ESL teachers as they often need the least qualifications or certificates and offer training in lieu of experience.  For the reason of this flexibility, working for an eikaiwa is a great method in order to budding English teachers for gaining some vital experience abroad.

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Here at Eikaiwa, the average teaching day is no more than 8 hours with 5 to 6 hours of actual classroom time that has been broken into 5 or 6 classes.  As most of these schools work in the afternoon as well as evenings, working at an eikaiwa is most appropriate for people who are not early risers, along with that the classes can run as late as 9 pm.

Overall, you can say that the teachers here take home more money in a shorter period of time as compared to their colleagues in the public school system.

Working Hours

The working hours at an EIKAIWA are generally more flexible as compared to other office jobs. It is particularly so if you are either in a Semi-Full-Time or else in a Part-Time position. You are going to have the option of sleeping in, joining club activities, the gym, or else pursuing your other career dreams, by simply being able to select your own shifts.

Class Sizes

Typically, the class sizes are approximately 1 to 10 students in each class. These are basically small class sizes, this means that those students have more time to practice speaking. They are at ease for managing as well as allowing the teachers to focus more on each individual student along with their progress.