Palfish Review Requirements Teacher Application Website Online!

Palfish Review Requirements Teacher Application Website Online: Palfish is basically an English tutoring phone app that has been founded in the year 2015, mainly directed towards the people in China. It is a perfect educational platform that connects ESL teachers to all those who really want to learn English in their free time, or just have chit-chats with the English speakers.


What Is Palfish?

In addition to that, this platform has given so many big opportunities to the teachers (the native-English-speaking teacher) to teach these people from literally anywhere they want.

Palfish Different Platforms

Overall, there are basically three different platforms on Palfish that gives you many different ways to make money and these methods are as follows:

Official Kids Course

The Official Kids Course is basically one of the great ways to teach children online, with the help of their pre-made lesson slides. On this platform, you would require to apply to be an official teacher. This method of teaching is ideal for those who would enjoy a 1-on-1 classroom setting as well as having a “curriculum” to go by.


This platform lets you charge your own rates per min for people to call you through the app and chat. The chats might be up to you, either it can be just casual or even educational. here, you also get the option to offer your own teaching material. Either way, with the help of this method people, will call you for learning something new and you will get paid for it just for talking to them.

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Live Broadcasts

Palfish is like any other social media network out there as it has its own live streaming service. You can either charge for people to get access to them or just simply let them view for free. These shows might perhaps either be educational, such as reading a story, or else just simply entertaining in order to get more exposure.

Palfish Teachers Requirement

If you like to enjoy working with kids as well as teaching then this is the perfect platform along with the perfect opportunity for you. Here are some requirements that you need to fulfill:

  • You must be fluent in English along with exceptional communication and social skills.
  • Experience in teaching English
  • You must be passionate about teaching and how to deal with kids.
  • For the Official Kids Course program, you must require a TESOL, TEFL, or Teacher’s Qualifications Certificate.

Palfish Technical Requirements

  • Palfish teachers must have the right equipment in order to run a class, which are as follows:
  • They must have a compatible iOS or Android phone or tablet
  • The Palfish iOS/Android app must be downloaded to their device
  • Steady Wifi connection in order to avoid any inconvenience while teaching

Palfish Official Course Instructor Pay

These teachers are already set in a pay rate of up to $22 an hour when they teach on the Official Kids Course. They are also allowed to these below-mentioned bonuses:

  • They get about $0.75 for turning up on time
  • They get about $30 bonus when a student purchases a Palfish package after a trial lesson that you have taught them.
  • They also get around $30 bonus for a month of perfect attendance
  • Around $15 repayment for props purchased
  • Whenever the official teachers teach other courses such as Free Talk, they then also receive the same pay as regular teachers.