Walmart Credit Card Login, How To Apply, Application Status & Payment

Walmart Credit Cards provide lots of Features to its holders. walmart’s Card Holders are able to manage their banking facilities online as well as their retail stores. Users are also able to manage their Accounts using Computers or mobiles. If you’re the Regular Walmart Customer then you can Open your Personal Account by using your Individual user ID and Password.

After successful entering, you are able to perform online transactions, update their contact information, change profile setting, Review their Monthly credit card Statement, Set Notifications, Add another profile, Request Credit Limit Increase, Improve their security setting, and more.

If you’ve newly received Walmart Credit Card, then you’ll find helpful information after Logging in, Registering for Online Banking, and Activating a New Card at If you’re not a regular shopper of Walmart then you need to Create and Register a New Account. make sure that you are an Account Holder and have Walmart Credit Card Available in order to complete the registration process.

If you’re the only would-be Cardholder at the moment, then you need to be simply Apply for the Card. You have to Create your Account at the Official Website of Walmart and then proceed to Walmart Credit Card Application then click On “Sign and Apply Now”. Walmart Credit Card is issued by synchrony bank. Normally Walmart provides two Credit Card Options to its Cardholders (i.e Store Only Card and Master Card).

For both these Card customers do not get a Good Credit Card history. Customers can get amazing discounts to offer for the Credit Card and if you want to get saving on Gas Station and want very attractive discount offers for purchasing then Walmart Credit Card may be the best option for you.

If the Walmart Customer uses their “A Store Only Card” and “Master Card” at any of the Gas Station then they will get the 1.9% Discount on every gallon which they purchase. The Walmart Credit Card is a Store Card that can only be used in Walmart Stores. And the other difference by a Master card can accept in all different stores. The customers can 1% discount by purchasing any item.

If you are new to taking an Advantage for Walmart Services, then please don’t take too much time and Apply for the Walmart Credit Card if you still not have or if you have your Walmart Credit Card then Start Walmart Credit Card Login and Complete your Walmart Credit Card Login process with us. Walmart offers various Products which Carry a Good quantity and quality too. The main reason behind the highest number of Walmart customers is that Walmart offers amazing discounts and cashback to its Customers.


About Walmart

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation, operates a chain of Hypermarkets, Discount Department Stores, and Grocery Stores. Walmart was founded on July 2, 1962, in Rogers, Arkansas By Sam Walton. the headquarter of Walmart is in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. Walmart has 11,703 stores all over the globe.

Greg Penner is the current Chairman of Walmart. the Company sells the products like Electronics movies, furniture, footwear, music home jewelry, toys, home improvement, clothing, health and beauty, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods and Fitness, Auto, Photo Finishing, Craft supplies, party supplies, and Grocery. Almost 2.3 employees work in the stores of Walmart. The Annual Revenue of Walmart US$485.87 billion.

Headquarters:  Bentonville, ar, USA
Founder: Sam Walton
Date of establishment: 2 Jul 1962
Owners: Walton family
Director: Doug Macmillan

Walmart Credit Cards-

Walmart Credit Cards are used in specific stores but Master Cards can be used and Accepted in Different Stores. On Master Card, you get 1% Cash Back on all the Items you Purchase.

There is Two Type of Walmart Credit Cards :

  1. Store-Card: you may use it only in the Walmart stores and partners;
  2. Walmart Discover: This is a fully-optioned card that you can use everywhere.

Both of the Cards you will get:

  • 5 cent saving per Gallon at US Walmart Gas Stations;
  • No Annual Fee – will also help you to Save Money;
  • Protection from the Fraud;
  • 1% Cashback for all Purchases – is Spread only for the Walmart Discover Credit Card.
  • Can only be used at Sam’s Club, Walmart both offline and online, and Murphy USA and Gas Station
  • 3% Cashback on the Walmart Online and its Retail Stores
  • Interest Rate of 23.15% (subject to change)
  • Get 2% Cash Back at Walmart’s Gas Stations and Murphy USA
  • Free monthly FICO score
  • 10% financing options

There are also a lot of Different Discounts at different times. For example: Open Our Card and save 15% (up to 50$). Or Save 3% on Online Purchases, 2% at Walmart Gas, 1% at Other Stores where Walmart Cards are Accepted. Find more on our official site. Remember that the possibility of getting the cards depends on the pay-ability and Credit History.

Features Of Walmart Credit Cards-

  • In case of your Credit Card Balance will be Low you can still buy stuff from Your Walmart Credit Card.
  • The Annual Fees of the Walmart Credit Card will Remain Constant
  • On all the purchases you make at Walmart, you are able to get One Percent Cash Back
  • For the purchases related to Gas, Walmart Credit Card provides you 10% Financing Option
  • In Case If you are going to Apply for a Credit Card by Walmart you just need to follow some simple and Easy Steps.
  • Also, You can Apply for Walmart Credit Card at any Walmart Store
  • An option of Applying online is also available. Only You just need to visit the official website i.e.
  • If you have already Applied for Walmart Credit Card and it’s approved you are provided with a 24-hour temporary Shopping Pass.
  • If you have lost Your Walmart Credit Card, then you can contact us on 1-877-969-3668 where you will be given proper guidance.

Walmart Credit Card Login

Walmart Credit Card Login Portal is Designed by Synchrony Bank for its Existing Customers. The Walmart Credit Card is Issued for Loyal Customers or Walmart Stores. Using the Card at Walmart individuals are able to Received a lot of Rewards & Incentives. Also, they are able to get additional discounts and 0% Financing offers and Gas Purchases. The Website allows You to get Complete Control over Your Walmart Credit card Activities through computers, Laptops, Or Mobile Devices. After Walmart Credit card Login Cardholders are able to Pay their Walmart Card Bills, Update the Personal Information, View Earned Reward and Much More just at a Few Clicks.

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How To Apply For Walmart Credit Card?

Applying for Walmart Credit Card is very simple, you just need to follow some steps which are given below for you. Let’s start with an Online Walmart Website Account, no need to worry if you Don’t have one. Here is the complete Step by Step guide for Applying to Walmart Credit Card :

Apply For Walmart Credit Card through Walmart Stores or Walmart Jewelry Kiosk:

  • At first, you need to Visit any Walmart store or Walmart jewelry kiosk nearby you.
  • Now Go to the Counter Representative.
  • Now Ask them for the Application Form to apply for Walmart Credit Card.
  • Make sure you have a government-issued
  • After filling the application now Submit it back to the Counter.
  • After all verification of your details, the representative will tell you that your application is accepted or not.
  • If it is accepted then you will get your Walmart Credit Card in the next 7-10 Working Days to your mail address by Walmart after the Approval of your Application.

Apply For Walmart Credit Card Online:

  • First, Visit the official website of and Click Login
  • A new Page will open where you can Register Your Account
  • Now Enter all the Mandatory Information and then press Continue.
  • Congratulations !!!! Your account is Registered
  • After log-in into your Account Successfully, you will see a sidebar on your left hand.
  • On that sidebar, you will see an option “Apply for Walmart Credit Card”
  • Now Click on this option then this will redirect you to an Application form Screen.
  • Now Read and Fill the Complete Application Form Carefully just by Providing all the necessary information including Your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, City, State, etc.
  • After filling in all the Details Now Click the “Continue”.
  • Now you have Successfully Applied For Your Walmart Credit Card.
  • Now your Walmart Credit Card will be sent to You in the mail within 7-10 Office days after Approval of Your Application.

Apply For Walmart Credit Card By Phone:

Yes !!! you are able to apply for Walmart Credit Card By Phone. it is a simple procedure. For this only you need to make a call to the Walmart Customer Service Team on the Given Number and Follow the Procedure as Computer Directs you. Also, You are able to Talk to the Walmart Customer Service Executive on the Phone Call Regarding Your Walmart Credit Card Application. The phone number to Call on for applying to your Walmart Credit Card is 1 – 877 – 294 – 7880.

Walmart Credit Card Terms and Agreement-

Before applying for the Walmart Credit Card it is advised to read all the Terms and Agreement and then proceed. If you have read all the Terms and have Submitted the Application then you have to wait for few days for approval. If it’s approved, you will receive your card within 7 to 10 days.

Walmart Credit Card Login

How to Check Walmart Credit Card Status –

If you’ve Already Applied for Walmart Credit Card and you still have not received it even after approval or Still not Approved then you don’t need to be worry. You can easily check your Walmart Credit Card Application Status. usually, After approval of your Walmart Credit Card Application, Your Card should arrive within the next 7-10 office days. but in case it will be Late then you check your Walmart Credit Card Status here is the complete step by step for it:

Check Walmart Credit Card Status At Stores:

  • At First Visit to Your Nearest Walmart Store.
  • Now Go to the Counter Representative of the Walmart.
  • Now Ask the Representatives at the counter of the Superstore about your Walmart Credit Card Application Status.
  • they will ask for Some Details of your that you Filled in the Application Form at the time of Applying for your Walmart Credit Card Such as Your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, etc.
  • Now They will solve your problem and let you know About your Walmart Credit Card Application Status.

Check Walmart Credit Card Status By Phone:

  • Walmart has its Separate Customer Care Departments for its every Service and Cards. Therefore in order to Check your Walmart Credit Card Status, you need to know the Correct Number to call on which is 1 – 877 – 294 –7880, please note it down very Carefully.
  • After Making a Phone Call on the Given Number, Now Listen to the Operator Carefully and Follow all the Instructions. If they ask you about any Personal Information such as Social Security Code, then provide it.
  • Now, After verifying all the Details it will Generate an Application Number for you or some time application number is not generated.
  • Now Follow all the Instructions and know your Walmart Credit card status.
  • If you have any other query then press the ‘0’ Button and talk to the customer service representative for better support.
  • Provide all your details to the customer service representative along with the application number. They may also ask you for your social security number.
  • After verifying all the details the customer service representative will tell you about your Walmart Credit Card Application Status on the Phone.

Walmart Credit Card Login

Walmart Credit Card Login-

Walmart Credit Card Login process is simple and easy. If this is your first time to try looking at Walmart Credit Card then you will be required to Sign up and Register Walmart Credit Card. In order to successfully Register your Walmart Credit Card, you need to be the Primary Account Holder. You also cannot Register your Walmart Credit Card if you do not have the Actual Card with you. If you do not have your Walmart Credit Card just yet, you can make an Account at Walmart Credit Card Page by visiting first. Now Click on Walmart’s Instant Credit Page and Click on “Sign In & Apply Now”. If you do not understand how to do everything yet, no need to be the worry. here You can find Step by Step Guide on the things that you should do.

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Register Walmart Website Account Online-

In order to Register or Sign Up your Account at Walmart’s Website follow the given process and Click on the Register Option. When you will click on the Registration Option the new Walmart Account Registration Window will Appear on your Screen where you will see the Form to Register your Account. Here below is the Complete Step by Step Guide for Walmart Credit Card Sign Up or Registration:

  1. First, Visit the Official website of Walmart (
  2. Now Click on the sign-up link and Choose “Create An Account”
  3. Now this will lead you to a form, Please fill this form to have an official Walmart Online Account.
  4. After filling the full form, click the Submit Button. Now you finally own an official Walmart online Account.
  5. Now you will be provided with a User ID and a Password by Walmart for your further transactions on the official website of Walmart.
  6. Note this User ID and Password carefully, you will need them during the sign-in process for applying for your Walmart Credit Card.

How To Login Walmart Credit Card Account?

If you’ve Received your Walmart Credit Card and Have a Registered Walmart Credit Card Login Account for Online Access, then it’s time to Activate and login to your Walmart Credit Card Account. here is the Complete Step by Step Guide for Walmart Credit Card Login:

  1. First of all, Visit the Official Website of Walmart Credit card login page at Official Website
  2. The Given Link will direct you to the login page where you have to enter Your Walmart Login ID.
  3. In the next blank enter Password.
  4. In the Next Step, Check the “remember me” Radio Button if you would like the system to remember your login details in case of next time (you won’t need to type your details in the next login) – Note: If you are using a public computer, shared device or network, it is not advisable.
  5.  After following the above procedure, the next thing you need to do is to click the “Sign in now” button.
  6. Now You will be logged into Your Account. Now you have full access to your Account, where you can Pay your Bill, Check Balance, View History Statement & more.

Forgot User ID? Here is the Solution-

  • Cardholders who have lost their User ID are required to visit the Official Website of Walmart and then Select the link that reads “Look up my ID”.
  • Now Click on it and you will be directed to the ID reset page. Enter your Account Number and Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number and then press “Next”.
  • Once your account is validated you will be sent to link to reset your User ID.

Forgot Password? Here is the Solution-

  • Open the Password Reset page of the Walmart Credit Card and then enter your Account Number in the blank space. Once your identity is confirmed you will be allowed to select a new password.

Mobile Login:

Once the Walmart app has Downloaded to your android/ iPod/ iPhone supported device, just login with your User ID. Then you will be taken to the online management page. Now, people able to start shopping for Walmart credit cards or managing your online account.

Walmart Credit Card Login

Walmart Credit card App-

Walmart is happy to offer the Special Mobile App. The progress doesn’t stop, everyone has a Smartphone every day. This app will help Customers to:

  • Make the purchases;
  • Find any location of the store;
  • Keep prices;
  • Save money;
  • Work with a Login.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPad or Samsung on Android. It works on all devices with:

Walmart Credit Card Login: Video Tutorial-

Activate Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Credit Card Activation method is only possible through the official website. So you need not try to Activate Your Walmart Credit Card on any other unauthorized websites because they can save our personal and card details without your authorization. here below is the Complete Step by Step Instructions to Activate Your Walmart Credit Card.

Requirements To Activate a Walmart Credit Card:

  • Walmart Credit Card login.
  • Users name that placed on Name Walmart Credit Card.
  • Walmart Credit Card Number.
  • True Walmart Credit Card Activation site.
  • Personal data.

Methods To Activate a Walmart Credit Card:

There is a different type of Walmart Credit Card Activation process that shown right below here.

  • The first method is users can activate the Walmart Credit Card Via Online.
  • The second method is users can activate Walmart Credit Card Through Phone.

Walmart Credit Card Activation Via Online-

  1. The first step to activate your Walmart Credit Card is you have to visit the online webpage Here for Walmart Credit Card Activation.
  2. After your first step is completed, the next thing is you will reach the next page where you have to enter your Username and Password in order to activate the Walmart Credit Card.
  3. After complete the Second step that the User has to do is enter your personal details, for example, enter Your Name and your Full Address including your Date of Birth, etc.
  4. After complete, the early moves then insert the card number and your name that placed on your card and your other card details, etc.
  5. After completing everything that we showed steps and techniques then get the knowledge that the user successfully completed the Walmart Card Activation.
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Walmart Credit Card Activation Through Phone-

  1. The first step to activate your Walmart Credit Card is that you have to call the Customer Care Number at 1-877-362-5952.
  2. Now Ready till your call joins the customer service and after the customer joins the call then you have to choose service for Card-login now.
  3. After users connect the call with the customer service officer then the User has informed him about Walmart Credit Card activation.
  4. After the user completes the first moves you have to give your individual details like your whole name and User’s whole address including your Date of Birth etc.
  5. After the user completes the early task the User has to Enter your Card Number and your name that located on your card and your other required card details etc.
  6. After completing everything that we showed steps and techniques then gets the knowledge that the user successfully completed the Walmart Card Activation.

Management of Walmart Credit Card Account-

Walmart Credit Card may be Managed through the Following methods:

  • Check Your Balance: For that, you have to Login into Your Walmart Credit card Account in order Check Your Balance.
  • Update Mailing Address And Phone Number: In order to Update your Mailing Address or Phone Number or any other information then you need to login to Your Walmart Credit Card Account. then select the update personal information menu
  • Report a Lost Credit Card: If Your Walmart Credit Card is Lost or Stolen by Mistake. Then you can report it immediately. For this, login to your Account and Select request Replacement Card.
  • Request for Credit Balance Refund: For this, you again have to log in to your Walmart credit card account. From here go to the account summary page and then select the option of a credit balance refund.
  • Request for Increment or Decrement in the Credit Card: For this purpose again you have to login to your account. From there, select the option to request a credit limit increase.
  • Reset Your Password: Have you forgot your Password then no need to be the worry. Just you have to visit the Walmart Credit Card Login page and Enter your Username and click on Reset Password. Then you will be asked a few necessary details and you will also have to change your challenge question.

Walmart Credit Card Payments

Following are the methods by which the credit cardholders can pay their bills and make their payments.

Pay Your Bill through Walmart Stores:

This is the first and most suitable method to make your payment, just visit the store where the representative will ask you a few questions about the card and then you can make your payment.

Pay Your Bill Through E Payment:

This Method is comparatively Easy. You need to Just login to Your Walmart Account and Click on Payments in order to pay your bills online. With e-payment you have further four options for the amount you pay:

  1. Total Minimum Payment Due: The amount you have to pay to safe yourself from the late payment fee.
  2. Last Statement Balance: The balance reflected in your previous statement
  3. Current Balance: All transactions since your last statement.
  4. Other: Any amount up to your current balance.
  5. You may place a stop payment on an e-Payment, but only if your e-Payment is pending or has not been processed.

Pay Your Bill Through Mailing Address:

This is the third option that you can use to Pay the Walmart Credit Card Bill. Just send your Payment to the Walmart Mailing Address with your Card Details. when they will receive your Mail they will Submit your Bills and Payment. The Mailing address is:

PO Box 530927
Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

If you would like to pay your Walmart MasterCard by mail, please send your payment to:

Walmart MasterCard/SYNCB
PO Box 960024
Orlando, FL 32896-0024

Pay Your Bill Through Phone:

This is the Last Option that you can use, all you have to do Make the Call to the Walmart Credit Card Customer Service Center and Ask them to Pay the Credit Cards Bill. They will ask you a few details regarding your Card and Account just Give them and Make your Payment. Here I have Provided the Phone Numbers have a Look below:

  • Walmart master card 1-877-294-7880
  • Walmart credit card   1-866-611-1148

Walmart Master Cards –

If you have Poor credit then a Walmart master card might be a good option for you, but there are other credit cards that definitely give many benefits. For example, the bank of America credit card provides a reward rate of 3% + whereas for Walmart it is 2.86%. The FICO score requirement on Walmart credit card is low so if your score is below 630 then these Walmart cards might be a good option.

How to Contact Walmart Credit Card Services?

Customer service is Mandatory for any Organization. Here Given below are the Contact Numbers where you can call any time and discuss all your queries and solutions.

  • If you want to contact Walmart customer service then dial 1-800-925-6278
  • For Walmart credit card services 1-877-294-7880
  • For Walmart community and business card 1-877-294-1086
  • For Walmart gift cards and Walmart prescriptions 1-888-537-5503 and 1-800-273-3455

Walmart Help-

  • Walmart Phone Number: Call 1-877-362-5952
  • Walmart Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas, United States.
  • Activate the card online – Here
  • Website:

Final Verdict

Here On this Page, You have to Find Information You need as the Walmart Credit Card Holder to Access Your Account Online, Make Payments, and Reach Customer Services For Further Assistant.