How to buy SARTA bus passes on EZFare phone app?

How to buy SARTA bus passes on EZFare phone app, greyhound tickets: The EZfare app lets you to purchase as well as use fares and passes immediately on your phone anywhere and anytime. It is the official mobile ticketing app from The Valley Transportation Authority!

Nowadays, Airline passengers have become used to downloading boarding passes from their carrier’s app onto their phones in order to catch a flight.

As these practices have become very much popular these days, a similar kind of concept has been launched this week for passengers of Stark Area Regional Transit Authority buses as well as those of additional transit agencies situated in Ohio.



SARTA along with seven other public transportation systems started a smartphone app for iPhones as well as for Android devices where riders can buy bus passes and tickets if they have a credit card, debit card, Masterpass, Apple Pay or else the Google Pay. They can then further get an electronic bus pass in order to show a bus driver when they board.

Riders now can download EZFare for free from the Apple or else from their Android app stores. In order to experience its exceptional services, all you have to do is to just download the free app, register your debit/credit card or PayPal account in our secure system, and then that’s it you are all set to go.

How to buy SARTA bus passes on EZFare phone app?

EZFare offers you many features and services that everyone would love to have. Some of these are as follows:

  • One can also store multiple tickets on their phone in case of any future use.
  • There will be no need to carry cash, count exact change, or else to find a ticket machine.
  • You can also pay a single fare or multiple fares for a group of riders.
  • No paper fares to keep track of.
  • You can buy and use fares instantaneously with the help of a debit/credit card or your PayPal account.
  • The users get full security of their debit/credit card(s) on its system.
  • The users can easily purchase tickets on their phone or on any computer via the official website.
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SARTA bus passes-

Kirt Conrad, executive director of SARTA, has also said the adoption of the EZFare app is the first step in the direction of letting its riders to pay for an electronic bus ticket or else for the bus pass good for journeys comprising public transportation that has been provided by two or more transit agencies.

“We want to make it so you get on one bus and pay with that app for all of the transit systems,” he said. “So it’s a pretty big deal for 11 transit system to pull this off in two states (Ohio and Kentucky) actually.”

On the other hand, users have to first set up an account with their email address and password. At present, the users can buy an all-day pass for $3, also a Route 3 bus pass to Cleveland for $2.50, as well as ProLine trip for $2.25, a 31-day pass for $45 as well as a ProLine 31-day pass for $63.

Three other transit agencies are also going to launch the app for their riders on 23 October 2019.

It works very simply, you just have to choose rider type, choose fare, choose quantity and then check out. That’s it and you are all set to go.