Gogokid Reviews, Payment, Getting Hired, Interview Process, & Helpful Tips

Gogokid Reviews, Payment, Getting Hired, Interview Process, & Helpful Tips: GoGoKid was launched back in 2018 and it is considered to be one of the newest online ESL teaching platforms in today’s date. This platform is very much popular among teachers when it comes to online teaching.

Their main objective is on teaching young learners that are situated in China and they achieve this by employing native English speakers for teaching 25-minute lessons to the students one-on-one.

Gogokid Reviews-

This platform is been on a massive hiring spree as well as this guide is going to offer an overview of what to expect from the application procedure, payment system, as well as teaching platform if you are in view of applying.

What GoGoKid?

Here, let’s find out what GoGoKid Is all about:

The Students

GoGoKid is one of the best online platforms that teach English to the students from pretty much from different age such as from kids to teenagers in China. The teachers teach the students one-on-one and their level varies significantly, but at the same time the material is often effortlessly adjusted based on the student you get.

The Platform

GoGoKid has their own platform which is taught and educated through web browser (the suggest browser is Chrome). The platform offers all the material and there’s little to no preparation needed. The students can interact with the class by simply drawing on it (in several colours) among other things in their new interactive classroom. The platform is quite instinctive and easy to use overall

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Teaching Requirements

The requirements of Gogokid teaching are pretty much par for the course whenever it comes to teaching English online, they continuously want their teachers to have at least a bachelor’s degree as well as be a native speaker (however only the prior is listed on their website).

Candidates that meet both of those should have no matter accomplishing an interview.  In addition to that, while a TEFL certificate isn’t obligatory at the time of writing, if Gogokid follows the trend of the industry then it may possibly be compulsory faster than later.  Either way, getting a TEFL is going to be never hurt you and is going to be make your alteration into English teaching that much easier.

Pay & Incentives

As far as Pay & Incentives are concerned, GoGoKid works on a credit score system. You get the points for teaching classes, getting good parent reviews, as well as being booked in general. In addition to that, you also lose points for not teaching for a whole week, having IT issues for the duration of the class, or else for not showing up overall. On the top of that, there are also monetary incentives for exchanging trial students as well as referring teachers.

Talking about their base pay, Gogokid pays their teachers $7 to $10 each class but at the same time depend on on a credit score system to increase your pay.

Furthermore, your credit score can earn you 125% more than your base pay as well as it is determined by a few things, which are as follows:

  • Regular Teaching
  • Good reviews
  • No technical problems
  • Not missing or being late to classes